Ayodhya Ram Mandir: Top 10 Interesting Facts

1. Largest temple in India

The temple is going to be quite tall, reaching about 161 feet in height. It will also cover a large space, spreading across an area of 28,000 square feet.

2. The Sacred Foundation

The Ram Mandir's sacred soil from 2587 regions, including Jhansi, Bithoori, Haldighati, Yamunotri, Chittorgarh, Golden Temple, and more.

3. The architects:

The Sompura family, known for crafting 100+ temples worldwide, including Somnath, is led by chief architect Chandrakant Sompura, supported by sons Ashish and Nikhil.

4. No iron or steel used

According to several reports, the Ram Mandir was built entirely using stones, and no steel or iron was used in its construction.

5. Shri Ram Bricks

It's fascinating to know that the bricks used to build the Ram Mandir have the sacred inscription 'Shri Ram' on them.

6. Soil from Thailand

Soil from Thailand has been sent for the consecration ceremony of Ram Lalla on January 22, 2024, highlighting the global reach of Lord Ram's legacy.

7. Special feature of the temple

Area-2.7 Acres on three floors Fisrt floor- Ram Darbaar made with pink stone from Rajasthan, Temple Spans 360ft long, 235ft wide, 161ft tall and 12 Gates

8. Contribution of Holy Rivers

The August 5th consecration ceremony used holy water from 150 rivers across India, as reported.

9. Time Capsule for Posterity

A time capsule buried 2000 feet below the temple holds a copper plate with key details about the temple, Lord Ram, and Ayodhya, ensuring its legacy for future generations.

10. Nagar Style Architecture

The temple features 360 pillars designed in the Nagar style, adding to its beauty and making it a masterpiece of architectural skill.

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